Friday, May 16, 2008

Excellent points

This has been making its rounds around the internet the past few days, and it is high comedy. I'm not exactly a big Chris Matthews fan, and I rather detest these so-called 'talk' shows because no one actually discusses issues, opting to instead shout at each over and over again, but it's refreshing - and hysterical - to watch him absolutely humiliate conservative talk show host Kevin James.

Pretty much, James is an utter moron whose knowledge of history consists of sound bites he's picked up over the years from other utter morons. And Matthews's point stands ... Neville Chamberlain wasn't an appeaser because he talked with Adolf Hitler, but rather because he gave away half of a country he had no right to give away thinking it would satisfy a madman. His judgement was flawed because of what he agreed to and not because he sat down to chat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If we could take you back to 1938, you'd be cheering Chamberlain.

Take you back to 1864, and you'd vote for war hero McClellan over that hayseed Lincoln.

We have a saying back home: the hit dog hollers. Obama and the Dems are hollerin' today.

Neither were mentioned in W's speech, by the way. He was speaking to an audience that lives with the hard reality of terrorism on a daily basis, an audience that, while celebrating its 60th birthday, knows it has adversaries who will work to the death to make sure Israel doesn't celebrate a 70th birthday.

That audience understood what the leader of the free world was saying.

And a memo to self-centered Obama and the Dems: not everything--believe it or not--is about you.

8:22 PM  
Blogger Johnathan said...


Not only revisionist history, but false presumptions of my positions! And, in addition, bold-faced lies ...

We have a saying back home: the hit dog hollers.

I also appreciate these charming and folksy sayings you're trotting out, though I'm sure there about as authentic as your anonymous tough talk too.

Still, if Dems are 'hollerin'' as you say, then why is the Bush Adminstration scrambling to change their story that this wasn't about Obama? It must be fun to play 'good ole boy' when no one sees you type things out.

10:17 PM  
Blogger Johnathan said...

In addition, if this whole talking with our enemies thing is such a horrible idea, then why did McCain endorse talking with Hamas in 2006 (which Obama has never done) and why does Bush's own Secretary of Defense advocate for negotiating with Iran?

Seems like they ought to get their story straight before spouting off.

10:19 PM  
Blogger Polusplagchnos said...

Why is Israel such an object of fantasy for conservatives? Is there something noble or virtuous in being under siege, that is not true of, say, the honest people who live in today's public housing?

Why does the language for the one--self-reliance, "you choose your neighborhood," stop breeding, stop taking government handouts--not work for the other?

11:08 AM  

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