Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Georgia on the radar

The battle for Saxby Chambliss's seat in the U.S. Senate is getting some press as MyDD notes that it's become the new GOP firewall for losses this fall and it's featured in by Daily Kos in a roundup of races. It's nice to see the race getting some national recognition, and it's also refreshing to see that it's referred to in realistic terms seeing how it's a long-shot for whoever the Democratic challenge to knock off Chambliss.

That's not to say it can't happen or that I don't want it to happen, but it's interesting to see Georgia mentioned as a firewall. Democrats figure to pick up five seats in the U.S. Senate and figure to tack on two to three others (probably in Oregon and then either Minnesota or Mississippi). There's been a lot of talk of Elizabeth Dole losing in North Carolina, but I honestly feel as if Democrats have a better pickup opportunity in Missisippi seeing how their candidate is a popular former governor.


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