Friday, July 11, 2008

A contrarian view

Call me crazy, but I don't necessarily think Paul Broun was that off in his assessment of this.

Now, hear me out ... I disagree with Broun's theological interpretations, and he and I are incredibly far apart on ideology, but his statement was directly in response to Barry Flemming's attacks on his character, including drudging up personal struggles and missteps Broun has dealt with many years ago. If he's speaking in response to those attacks - attacks which were so over-the-top that they led to the resignation of Flemming's Franklin County campaign chairman - then it seems entirely appropriate for Broun to cite his faith.

Broun has repeatedly talked about the transformative power of his faith with regard to how he got his life back on track, so it's perfectly logical for him to use it as a way to defend himself from ridiculous personal attacks that stem from information from that period of his life.

So, I can concede that Broun was arguably inartful - and probably did so intentionally to make a political point since, you know, this is an election after all - but his point remains ...

If Fleming claims to be a Christian who supposedly understands the personal redemptive power of said faith, then why would he bring those up? Then perhaps Broun is right and Fleming doesn't understand those qualities that Broun adheres to.

I've got no love for the political views of either Broun or Fleming, and I would suspect that my theological views differ than both men's, but the Christian faith is a big family full of various interpretations, views and thoughts and if Broun said his life was changed by his faith, I believe him on that.

There are plenty of other ways to point out why I don't think he's the best congressman for us, and drudging up personal attacks isn't one of them.


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A pox on both their houses.

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