Friday, July 18, 2008

Two sides of the coin

While I do tend to agree with George Maxwell and David Lynn in principle - that more light at nighttime can deter crime and foster a safer environment - I also want to point out that this was one of the very random cuts that was enacted during the discussion to offset the small increase in property taxes. And, if Maxwell is right and his constituents are asking for more street lights rather than fewer, it's somewhat insulting to ignore their wishes and move forward with the cuts and stick them with a higher property tax bill.

Then again, I also find it humorous that Maxwell opposed any property tax increase, but is now bemoaning a cost-cutting move to lessen or remove its impact.


Blogger paveplanet said...

Wow - 20 percent is a fairly high number of streetlights to be turned off. Didn't they realize this when they voted on the reduction?

9:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


And JMAC is right about Maxwell. Had there been no millage rate increase (which is what he wanted) even MORE lights would have been shut off! Talk about grandstanding!

1:41 PM  

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