Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What we've learned

Following up on last night's primary election results ...

- Brian wraps up the scene in Oconee County.

- What does a host of endorsements and a fake accent get you? Only 25,000 votes and a second-to-last place finish. Not reflecting good on the AFL-CIO or GAE right now.

- Anyway, we're set up for a fun-filled Jim Martin/Vernon Jones runoff. Judging by turnout projections and voting patterns, I'd give the edge to Martin to pull it out.

- I said it last night, but let's never place a bet against Paul Broun again. He laid the smackdown on Barry Fleming last night.


Blogger paveplanet said...

Outside of the results in Oconee County - nothing really surprised me. I was taken back with Broun's strong showing - I think it more reflects the traditional power of being the incumbent most of the time. I hated to see the poor showing by Lanier - I just wish he knew how to better get his message out. I was amused by Sonny's comments with Tim last night on his "vision" and plans for the Coroner. Yeah, do we really need to spend more tax payer dollars to staff a physical office for this (possibly unnecessary)position?

P.S. I was a little surprised as to how badly Brian missed on his prediction that the Civic center precinct was going to be handily won by Davis and the associated comments he said about the "affluent" voters and their alignment with him while speaking with Tim Bryant last night. I have always thought that Brian was a little closer to the pulse on a number of things around Oconee, but his inaccurate prediction and perceptions really surprises me.

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