Saturday, August 02, 2008

A bit of distinction

Erick's bothered by this flier for DeKalb County CEO candidate Stan Watson, and - while I see his argument - I think it's a bit misguided for two main reasons ...

- The mailer is targeted toward Democratic voters, the vast majority of whom are African-American. In doing so, the contrasts that are drawn show that his opponent is partnering with individuals who support a more conservative agenda and they just happen to be white since most Republicans in Georgia are white.

- The mailer was paid for by an independent group called 'Concerned DeKalb Citizens' and is not something sanctioned or distributed by Watson's campaign. To attack Watson for something he didn't do seems disconnected. In fact, the mailer that was sent out by Watson's campaign tells a different message, and Peach Pundit implies that both mailers came from his campaign.

Granted, I don't know anything about Watson, and he might very well be a bastard, but it seems that this is a skewing of the facts in order to perpetuate some bizarre reverse racism trend going on.


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