Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More dissent on Broun

Following up the resignation of Paul Broun's chief of staff, Brian asks if our district is being properly served by Broun. Brian's a good friend and a Republican city councilman for Watkinsville, and while he acknowledges some endearing conservative traits about Broun, he readily admits he's got some legitimate concerns about his ethics and effectiveness.

Philosophical differences with Broun aside, I think the effectiveness issue is a valid one. While it's one thing to hold principled positions on certain issues, it's another thing to put them into practice in a representative democracy. And seeing how he keeps passing the buck for local representation and advocacy onto Georgia's two senators, yet tries to take credit for their work, it seems as if the 10th Congressional District doesn't actually have a congressman.

At some point, glossy mail pieces produced on the taxpayers' dime doesn't equal effective representation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're not going to be getting any more glossy mail pieces for the rest of the year either. And you better hope Grandma doesn't run into any problems with her social security check because case workers may be few and far between soon. Between February and July of 2007 we didn't have a congressman, but at least you could still get help from Norwood's office to sort out problems with any bureaucratic bull****.

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