Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Try logic

By all accounts, I find Erick at Peach Pundit to be a nice enough guy who, by in large, has been respective of my views.

Still, labeling John Lewis a race baiter is the sort of backward logic that he, as well as the many other modern-day Republicans who currently have their party in a stranglehold, love to employ.

Lewis's comments were directed at the language and rhetoric being leveled by many surrogates of the McCain campaign, including John McCain and Sarah Palin. When you say that Barack Obama 'pals around with terrorists' you're equating him with terrorists. When you ask 'who is the real Barack Obama?' on top of all that, it's only logical that some nut in the crowd is gonna holler 'terrorist!' or 'Arab terrorist!'

If we're supposed to hunt out and kill terrorists, then how in the world is it responsible for any campaign to permit that type of language to exist? Even if it comes from the nuts who populate these rallies?

Lewis may not have been artful in his criticism - and he surely wasn't - but for someone who stood down the billy clubs in Selma, Ala., to say this type of incendiary language (which has been denounced by prominent conservatives across the board and, most recently, by McCain himself) can potentially foster a climate of hate and violence to be labeled a race baiter is to turn rational thought on its head.

A bunch of rallies are held and the opinion is pushed forward that Obama isn't 'one of them' and accusations of him being a 'terrorist' or 'traitor' or 'Arab' aren't challenged, but actually encouraged. A man who fought for civil rights draws a clumsy, albeit effective historical analogy.

And he is the race baiter?

Apparently, up is down to some folks.


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Extremely well-said! Thanks!

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