Monday, November 10, 2008

Leadership challenge

I don't agree with the politics of Tommy Benton or Terry England, but I've always been fairly impressed with their convictions and desire to serve their constituents. So, that said, let me give them some kudos for backing the challenge to Glenn Richardson.

Richardson is an egomanical individual who does little to advance any sort of positive agenda for Georgia, and the fact that he had me on several occasions in 2008 saying 'man, Sonny Perdue is right on this' should cause alarm for everyone.

While the State Senate was grossly mismanaged last year with regard to vision or direction (the haphazard and non-serious attempt to cut income taxes at the last minute was pathetic and nothing more than political theater designed to upstage Richardson ... and it would have ultimately put us even more in the red since so many Republicans in Atlanta seem to forget we're a balanced budget state), the State House was our version of romper room.


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