Friday, November 07, 2008

On Palinism

Look, this whole 'don't shoot the messenger' line regarding the accusations against Sarah Palin is ridiculous to me.

Do I believe she didn't know Africa was a continent? Not really because, you know, you learn that kind of stuff in grade school. And it's probably staffers for John McCain acting petty and immature, peddling mostly true stories from the campaign days and then tossing in preposterous exaggerations just to twist the knife a little more.

But, with so much unflattering stuff reporting on Palin - the shopping sprees, the ethical violations in Alaska, the disasterous interviews, the damn-near-riot-inciting events she held, her affection for shooting animals from helicopters, the open warfare between her loyalists and McCain's, the lying about 'the bridge to nowhere' - it's not hard to believe that such a line might be true.

That isn't the point though. I had some fun with sarcasm, which is something I do now and then. The real point is that Palin was a flat-out awful candidate who played a big role, if not the pivotal one, in McCain's defeat. And a collection of folks gearing up to defend her against all odds is simply stunning to me.

Times like this are times when the defeated party should retreat, nurse its wounds and figure out a way to formulate a coherent message to win back voters. The way I see it, Republicans would do a great justice to themselves by purging the Palinites from their fold and entering a serious time of discussion and reflection on how to move forward.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my... It's looks like I need to explain my "don't shoot the messenger" comment... I was actually criticizing those who want to blacklist those leaking the info when what they were saying could very well be true. They seem to have drank the Palin Kool-Aid that any criticism is an attack even if it's completely true. I just want to make sure that I am in no way seen as defending Palin.

7:40 AM  
Blogger Stanicek said...

One thing that has to remain crystal clear - Palin hurt McCain, no doubt, but she did not lose the election - 8 million votes, 7% points - Obama WON this election.

10:54 AM  

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