Monday, October 16, 2006

Not pretty, still fun

So Georgia lost to Vanderbilt 24-22 ... that disappointing fact didn't put a damper on the festivities at Tent City as we enjoyed our first full week of fame and fortune ... well the former at least.

In honor of the Commodores, on tap this weekend was a nautical/Lionel Ritchie theme ... though, apparently, neither turned out to work out for the Bulldogs.

If you're wondering, no one took us up on the autograph offer (Photo courtesy of DAve).

We've forever banned any future references to The Commodores.

Still, it was a big week for us.

- We had a triumphant return of door prizes, with Tovrog picking up the bag of Dri-Gel.

- Speaking of triumphant returns, the low country boil was back for its first appearance since last year's Auburn game. Of course, Georgia lost that game too ... so, there's that.

Yes sir (Photo courtesy of DAve).

- Speaking of not-so-triumphant returns, after the drama that was "Cherrishinskigate 2006" ... the Cherrishinskis failed to come through again. Though there's plenty of blame to go around now, as even Doug admitted to having one.

- OK ... some random photos.

The Wife tries out that 'corn bean bag game' ...

Meimi takes a swing at John.

Oh Cherrishinski ... so tempting, so wrong ... so bad for Georgia football (apparently).

DAve, The Wife, me, Scott and Meimi pose in a picture that features several layers of unintentional comedy.

Check out DAve's photos at Flickr.


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