Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Couple of things

- This story is a perfect example of why Doc Eldridge is the perfect man to head the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce. Not only are Bob Carson's comments dead-on, but Eldridge encouraging the Chamber's members to attend the meetings just to be involved in the community is exactly the type of leadership that organization needs. I can't say enough how pleased I am with the hire and with the job he's done in just a few short months.

- We all need to keep the North Oconee High School community in our thoughts and prayers.

- There's a story in the Athens Banner-Herald on it today, but there will be a debate tomorrow between Jim Whitehead and Paul Broun. I'm not sure where we'll hear actual differences since they are both mighty conservative.

- Also noted was the fact that the endorsement by the Oconee County GOP for Whitehead has been revoked. And, again, I called that something was gonna go down after Jay Hanley's chest-thumping statements.

- Here's my problem with Christine Todd Whitman's testimony ... she's splitting hairs. Her agency wasn't specific in the aftermath of 9/11, or at least as specific as she claims now. It's as if she expected everyone to ultimately know what she meant. So she may not be lying, but she ain't being truthful and her getting all defensive shows how pathetic her line of argument really is.

- Grift summarized some of his earlier thoughts on the immigration debate.

- If I can make a plug here, everyone should go buy the current issue of Vanity Fair which focuses solely on Africa. I've worked my way through a couple of articles and, of course, picked up this particular cover.

- What is with all the Paris Hilton letters?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on about Doc. I didn't notice when he got the Chamber job, but I had the same reaction that you did upon reading today's article. Doc is the perfect guy for that job in this town. I was annoyed by Doc's party-switching and more particulary about his comments to the effect that of course he only called himself a democrat because he was running for office in Athens, but his personality plus his kinda-sorta moderate politics make him a nice fit.


9:37 AM  
Anonymous StoptheBS said...

What is with all the Paris Hilton letters?

I don't know, getting called "ignorant" by someone from Alabama is definitely like getting called "ugly" by a frog.

2:16 PM  

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