Thursday, November 13, 2008

The double-down continues


Though I'm puzzled why we keep giving this guy a platform, I'm also staggered by his inability to say 'you know, it was probably out of line for me to equate philosophical differences with false implications that the president-elect is preparing to establish a Marxist dictatorship.' But, you know, let's leave Broun's lack of cognitive thought aside for a moment and examine the non-apology apology that he issued.

On Tuesday, Broun told an Augusta radio show that he had 'regret saying it that way, yes I do.' One would assume this to be an admission that he was inartful in his criticism, and that it's appropriate to dial back such baseless and ridiculous language.

Hold the phone though ... on Wednesday, his spokesperson claimed that any regret Broun expressed was for the fact that his remarks were sensationalized by the media, thus leading them to be misunderstood. Thus he has not issued an official apology.

Now, there are two options here. Either Broun's staff has no concept of what 'internal communications' are or they're completely inept at clarifying and defining one's message. We knew he couldn't manage his checkbook, and now it's fairly clear he can't control his staff or their message (or his mouth).


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Dr. Paul Broun may be the best thing ever for the Oconee County Democratic Committee

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