Tuesday, November 11, 2008

DPG responds

The Democratic Party of Georgia released the following statement regarding Joseph McCarthy ... er ... Paul Broun ...

At a time when Americans are coming together to celebrate history and renew America's promise, Paul Broun has once again proven himself to be outside the mainstream, not just of America, Georgia, and the 10th District, but of his own party, their recent nominee for President, and their current President. His comments are just ridiculous, and undignified for a member of the House of Representatives. Playing to the extremes may be a fine partisan political strategy, but it's no way to govern, and Paul Broun ought to know that.

More to the point, Broun's comments are simply wrong. We can only hope that Paul Broun spends more time and effort reading proposed legislation than he did in reading and understanding Barack Obama's policies and positions. But for Paul Broun, this was never about policy; it was always about politics. Broun's neo-McCarthyism has no place in today's political environment.


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