Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wake up call

Fairly rational criticism of Paul Broun comes under fire at Peach Pundit ...

Icarus, you’re off base with this. Obama is marxist & it is a legitimate concern to question his campaign speeches & proposed programs.

To equate Paul Broun to be as extreme as Cynthia McKinney is REALLY a stretch.

Thank God for reps like Paul Broun & my his tribe increase.

Broun won't be defeated until rational Republicans start realizing what it is they consistenly empower by sending him to office. Forget his flat-out insane comments and consider his stiffling lack of concern for constituent services and aversion to seeking support for popular and necessary local projects.

Until Republicans begin to call him out on stuff like this, and they start realizing that there might be someone who could take this guy down in a primary or recognize that a moderate Democrat would be a greater servant to the district, Broun's our guy.

I know of several Republicans who didn't support Broun in the last election and, in their words, are embarassed by him. I respected their desire to remain quiet, but when you don't get out in front and start saying 'listen, this guy doesn't represent us and he embarasses us' ... you reap what you sow.


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