Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Paul Broun crazy alert

Honestly, at some point I should cease to be completely astounded by what Paul Broun says. Still, when you argue that Barack Obama is establishing an American Gestapo to implement a Marxist dictatorship, it's hard to not be floored by incompetent audacity behind such a statement.

Just to be clear on this, Broun believes because Obama has talked about the formation of a civilian security corps - an idea championed by Democrats and Republicans alike, and an idea that has its roots in the civil defense corps used by the United States during and after World War II - that the president-elect is bent on imposing a dictatorship on our nation. Despite the fact that no other evidence exists to suggest otherwise and that Broun himself concedes his idea 'sounds crazy.'

Well, if it 'sounds' crazy that's because it 'is' crazy.

The imperial presidency of the outgoing president, however, complete with warrantless wiretapping and Gitmo, is perfectly fine to Broun.


Blogger The Shepards said...

I just saw this. This election season has been the nastiest I can remember. I mean, it is just nasty with character assassination attempts. Nasty.

9:21 AM  

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