Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Money for nothing

Couple of thoughts on G.M. and other U.S. auto industry leaders asking for government help ... namely, so what?

Not that I don't understand the implications of an almost-complete collapse of the domestic auto market, but this is a problem that is overwhelmingly the fault of the affected companies. G.M. and Ford have stubbornly refused to produce more fuel-efficient vehicles or pursue new technologies designed to create alternative fuel-based automobiles. As a result, with skyrocketing gas prices, American consumers have flocked to foreign vehicles which do have those desirable traits.

Chevrolet, by contrast, started making those investments in past years, and, while they're still deeply affected by the economic turmoil, they're also on more solid footing that companies which didn't adapt to the changing environment.

The companies made lousy products that haven't moved on the market. We should 'save' that type of behavior?


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